Domain pricing?

Hi, i’m trying to buy a my domain name back after it was registered by someone else. Problem is, i’m not sure how much to ask for it…

Before i make him an offer, is there a solid way to determine how much a domain name is worth?

Thanks in advance


I suspect you’re SOL - because you allowed your domain name to expire, someone who thought it was worth something to him/her snapped it up so the cost to recover it will be whatever they ask for. Consider this a lesson learned at great cost.



Hehe, yes sir; Lesson learned indeed. For what it’s worth, if i could’ve prevented the loss of the domain, i would have. So there’s no use dwelling on that now :\…

Anyway, I never bought a domain from a 3rd party before, so i’m a little nervous about it. I just don’t want to get ripped off. So if anyone has any pointers, i’d certainly appreciate it.



Is it a valuable domain to others besides yourself? If not, I’d offer Cost + $5. If it’s something that someone else could commercialize then, I might start offering well into the $xxx range immediately.

Oh and in addition, i cant seem to track down the guy. It’s weird because

  1. i’m the only person on this planet who knows what the word in the domain means.
  2. the visitors on the site knew me physically, (all 600+ of them).
    2a. If anyone else came on the site, it was for sure by accident.

So i figure that he probably bought the domain name after seeing the domain’s traffic history. Which could mean that he only wants to sell it. And consequently, SHOULD mean that his whois info is correct. But i can’t seem to get a hold of him.

Thank you inogenius!

No, it’s not a big fancy domain name or anything; it’s just the title of a project i’m working on. And no one would know what the domain name meant unless they are from the community i’m making it for… Anyway, it’s good to know that i don’t have to offer that much.

Thanks again,

I think your right they saw the traffic and bought it for that. If it has no page rank or listed in search for any good keyword terms it is only worth what your willing to pay for it.

I would tell the person the sites traffic is only people you know before i made offer. This way they realize it is not traffic they can use or make money off.

Saweet. I will definitely do that. I’m waiting for it to expire next month, and hopefully they let it go. Otherwise i’ll be sure to make an offer, and I’m very glad I came here for advice. Thanks…

That is not easy to understand how much your domain name worth. In any way you will need to have some consultation with experts. On may domain name related forums you can find sections for domain name appraisals. That would be giood idea to ask opinion there. Also there are several specialized services working in appraisal way only.

That’s alright, i’ll just wait till he realizes that he’s wasting his time and money. The i’ll have the domain name anyway. =]