Domain and Sub-Domain Question


I have a hosting account with hostmonster which allows me to add a new domain to subdomain folder of the master account.

so in other words I could turn this:

into this:

the problem that I’m having, is that after adding the domain to the subdomain directory, visiting the domain page displays a file directory instead of the webpage, in other words the index.html file does not display the webpage automatically, in order for me to display the webpage I have to literally input

How can i get the index.html to display its content when I just type http;// and not

Can anyone help?

thank you


Hi duneglow. Welcome to SitePoint! :slight_smile:

Sorry if this is a side issue, but I don’t get why, if you own, you are bothering with Perhaps I’m missing something, but it sounds odd.

It would make more sense if you were redirecting to something like

Anyhow, it does sound odd that you are seeing a directory. You are sure index.html is actually in there and not somewhere else? Looks like index.html is in the root folder of but not in the root folder of But I don’t really understand your setup anyway.

Better you ask your host to provide a solution to you.

I believe you can install a redirect useing htaccess file or vis Cpanel.
That is 1 click job for Cpanel.
It is called “WWW forwardes”

That sounds like a problem with the host’s server configuration so the early response to get the host to straighten this out is appropriate.