Dogs vs Cats

Not according to the Chinese.


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You have tried both?


Not knowingly:)

I can recommend field rats and frogs-legs.

I don’t like the bugs they have here, too crunchy for my liking :smile:

Sorry to dig this up, but this was funny.

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Just dogs :slight_smile:

Dogs and cats is very diffrent. they are only good for youtube videos.

What about before Youtube? In terms of evolution, why have they lasted so long if their only purpose was to wait for the existence of humans, and eventually Youtube was made?


They are Force sensitive. Long time ago, the Great Masters of the Cats and Dogs forsaw the fact that the Humans will invent YouTube. They decided it was in their species best interest to attach themselves with the Humans so that in the future they can be worshipped and venerated like gods.

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I go for dogs, reason is when I was a child we had a Scottish collie.
That dog was real nice and protective.

But one day a cat came in the garden and scratched the dog on the nose for no reason.
That’s why I dislike having a cat as a pet.

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I thought we settled this topic for good… when we decided that some people just cant accept how great dogs are & how great cats think they are; and human ahh well… they only call one of them best friends


Problem is that nowadays many people can’t really accept “Let’s agree to disagree”. On the other hand, it can lead to amusing posts so not everything is wasted.

Like the obsession dog people have with cats crapping in a box. That’s a great thing. Cat’s won’t ask you to take them outside in snow and rain, then make you pick their shit with your hand (even if it also involves a plastic bag). And let’s not start on wet dog smell.

Of course, having a cat means hair all over your clothes and things being pushed off shelves or table tops… In the end it comes to the preferences of each person. Some prefer one or the other. There is even a minority that loves both equally.


One of mine thinks it’s a parrot, or at least it does based on the lengths it will go to to find itself perched on my shoulder… :cat:


I prefer dogs… I got scratch by a cat in the face when I was young so from then on I dislike cats…

I love dogs ,they are our best friends,and always loyal.They bring lots of laughter to us!

I like both, cats and dogs but cats are smarter than dogs.

I have a dog, but I love cats more) Nevertheless, cats and dogs are our friends) We love them all)