Does This Software Exist? Windows GUI for Linux 'top' Command

Hi All,

My VPS took a dump today when it ran out of resources. I’ve ordered more RAM to help stabilize things. In the meantime, I wonder if anyone knows of some good Windows-based server monitoring software? I’m looking for something open sourced or less than $50, that’s basically just a GUI version of the linux ‘top’ command.

Right now, I have top open in putty’s SSH window. It’s fine, but I’m hoping for something fancier.




htop is a better top alternative (it is also commandline based)

the best way is to keep the command line open and top on screen - that way if your server is possibly suffering and you need quick access, you can quit top and you’ve got a terminal ready.

Can’t think of any desktop type software, there are however server installed monitoring apps that provide a graphic web interface e.g munin