Does My Site Comply with the Google AdSense TOS?


One of my google accounts has been banned, because i have putted wrong the banner codes in my template.

I have created another website, and another account in google addsense and this time i want be sure that google will not ban me, so i need some help from you if is possible.

I thought to put at first page 1 banner at the right side, 300x250, and 1 other banner before the contenct start , text banners 460x20 i think, dont remember good the size,

after that i want to put in posts , 1 banner at right, 300x250

1 banner inside the content images+text, 300x250 banner,

at related post at the end of post, i wanted to put text banners , after the content will finish and before related post start,

also i am using infolink, does google allow this ?

when you enter in posts, there is a pop displaying, g+,like button and twitter follow button, is this allowed with google ?

also i have added, terms of service, privacy policy and contact page , cus i have read that google need this.

Please can some one tell me if i am doing good? any problem with banners ? will google ban me again ?

Thnx for reading this.

my website is wwwDOTjoinogDOTcom

After Visiting of Your Site… I think google adsens may ban for your ranking and page hits can’t match with google parameter. Improve your page hits and again apply for adsense account.

Have you reviewed the Google AdSense terms of service in relation to these questions or reached out to Google on any of the issues not covered?

Forums are great for discussing the strategy around monetization but this isn’t Google support and the responses you get may not be what actually happens.

p.s. I’ve cleaned up your thread title to make it clear what you’re talking about. Being accurate in the description will dramatically improve your replies.

p.p.s. Your auto popup is terrible. As a user I’d bail immediately and as a marketer I can tell you that trying to force a social interaction has virtually no benefit. If someone wants to follow you, they will.