Does domain parking + using rel=canonical harm SEO?

Hi there

I’m thinking of parking a domain on top of my existing site. I’m pretty sure that harms SEO in the eyes of Google (please correct me if i’m wrong).

If I were to put <link rel=canonical… links on all the pages pointing to my original domain equivalent, would that mitigate any SEO penalties domain parking might create?

Many thanks for your responses!


The only way parking a domain harms SEO is if you market/attract backlinks to the parked domain, when they should be linked to your core-domain. This is splitting the backlink equity similar to the way www and no-www split backlink equity.

The rel=canonical link element should mitigate the duplicate content issue if your parked domain attracts back-links, but it’s not as effective as having the 2nd domain redirect to the main one.

Canonical tag just tells the SE’s that this page has the Original Content and all the other are the copies…So you have to crawl it for sure…Priority wise,…