Do you think music is distracting?

Do you find music distracting when trying to work? I do ok if it’s music with no words…like jazz/cocktail piano, but anything else has me pulling my hair out if I’m coding…


Same here - I can’t concentrate if there’s anything with words playing. If I know it, I want to sing along, and if I don’t know it, I want to listen to the words.

Not me, I can quite happily listen to all sorts of rock music whilst I work - so much easier than listening to office chatter; I use ear buds. The only time I might get distracted is if it’s a piece of music I’m familiar with playing guitar to, in which case I may start playing it mentally. G# isn’t always in the same place on the keyboard as <div>


I agree. Often I like to work with the right kind of music playing - usually something a bit up-beat so I don’t fall asleep, but not too intrusive. Some background noise helps me focus and keep up my work momentum. If it’s too quiet it is very hard to get going.

I listen to music all of the time. I don’t find it distracting, but I do know of others who do. Then again, most of the time I drown out the words, as my wife likes to say “I hate the fact you can name the song before anyone starts singing the words” (just from the first 4-12 bars).

I just have a knack for the underlying tones of instruments I guess…

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Why so slow? With stuff I know reasonably well, it’s 3 or 4 notes, or even a few beats of a drum pattern

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It depends on the music and what I’m doing.

If I’m writing, say an article, or doing mental gymnastics with some complex (for me) logical coding, it’s better if it’s instrumental or I may need to turn it off. If I’m doing something “wordy” then words interfere. For simple or visual work, it’s not a problem.

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That’s a better description of my feelings. I can listen to stuff with words if I’m doing simple repetitive tasks, like optimising a stack of images, but not if I’m doing "“wordy” stuff, as you say.

I can only listen to things without words, if I’m trying for real productivity. Classical music, techno music, soundtracks, etc. I listen to… none of that when I’m not working though, so weird I guess.

It just depends on the song and how similar it starts out to other songs. Once I hit that unique instrument/tone, then I’ve got it. :smile:

That’s why I lsiten to it.


My usual work playlist is either classic rock, heavy metal or power metal.

It all depends on what i’m doing personally. If i’m building out a web application, I may be listening to some music to get me all pumped up and in the zone however there’s times where silence is necessary.

Basically, when i’m doing doing UI design, and setting everything up i’ll listen to music but will turn it off for concentration. Kind of the same with writing. Sometimes I can really rip through articles while listening to music, other times I need peace and quiet. Oh, and the music varies from Future to the Grateful Dead to deep house and everything in between ! :smile:

I think clearly dependend on the kind of music. i prefer jazz or calm electronic music which can be supporting to reach the flow :slight_smile: As for me Ulrich Schnauss is great to reach the flow…

It depends on what I’m doing. If I’m doing something code- or design based, music is OK, but if I’m working with words, it doesn’t work to have music playing (vocal or otherwise).

Well it pretty depends on that person, for me I do love listening to music. I don’t find it distracting since I find relaxation every time I listen to music its my best way to avoid the noise from the people around me so I will be more focus on my writing job.

it depends what i’m doing, if i’m reading and researching it’s impossible for me to concentrate with music. if i’m just building some excel reports i prefer to listen to music during because it’s so boring.

It depends on what I am doing…
Sleeping, quiet.
Driving, quiet.
Writing web code, quiet.
Playing with my cats, their purr is music to my ears. :cat:


listen up meow! I like to code in silence but I blast it when link building.

Nope, I have to turn my dogs off when I’m working.