Do you move with Technology?

I think we’ve all done it at some point, invested in some type of “latest and greatest” must have tech gadget! But what do you do when something newer, sparkly and shiny comes out that you just have to have?

Do you buy the newest gadget or are you content with what you have? So what if it’s new! Are you happy staying put or would it really bug you not having the latest version, model, latest features etc? Let’s hear your thoughts on this topic and let us know, do you move with technology? Do you go for the latest gadget?

Myself, I used to do it all the time but now I’m more settled and satisfied and keep the things that work for me as long as they last. But when the time comes to replace them, I will go for the latest technology as long as I can afford it.

I know it will be expensive but I hope that in the long run it will be worth it. And most of the time it does. I will not have to replace it again for a longer period of time which it suits me. Yet, this also means that I spend more time investigating each product so I don’t get it wrong and I get exactly the opposite: buying a new one because the first was a complete rubbish and good for nothing! :smiley:

Since I’m a minimalist, I don’t buy stuff just because it’s shiny. I only buy stuff because I need it or the old stuff stops working.

For instance, the laptop I’m writing this post on I bought back in 2007. It still works, though sometimes is short on memory. It also begs for a clean up but I’ll probably buy a new one once it becomes unusable, rather than cleaning it up and adding more RAM. 4 years is like half a century in computer years anyway.

When I buy stuff I buy what makes most sense which is not necessarily the newest and most expensive or shiniest thingy.

I also never chase new fad gadgets, like iPhones, Androids and what not. I don’t need stuff just because everyone else has it and would only collect dust anyway.

I can pretty much echo php_daemon. For those of us who don’t have a disposable income, wish to go into debt, or have a house full of useless electronic gadgets, sticking with stuff which does what we need it to is enough.

For instance, even though I’m a tech guy by trade, I don’t carry a smart phone–just a basic pre-paid cell phone. If I need to note something down, I always have a pen and [URL=“”]paper in my pocket.

the desktop computer i’m writing this on was bought in 2006, the flatscreen monitor died last year so i reverted to the big boxy monitor (800x600) from the previous computer, which died of a hard disk failure after 5 years of 24/7 operation

technology is a huge ripoff – why do i need some handheld gizmo to update my facebook status when i can do it so easily from my computer, lol

as for phones, don’t get me started

i’ve never, ever had a cell phone, much less a “personal digital assistant” or whatever those little thingies are called that people are always poking all over da place

i have a basic land line, that’s it, no extra services (e.g. no caller display, if i want to know who’s calling, i pick up… no last call return, if it’s important, they’ll call back… no voice mail, if it rings and rings and rings, that means i’m out)

people who spend money on gadgets are to be pitied

Do I move with Technology?

Not if I can help it.

I win. My computer is from 2000 or so. My laptop from 2005. :smiley:

no, i win – i have only one working machine, you have extravagantly gone and bought two

I have a very basic feature phone. The best thing about my phone is that it’s got a flash light built into it. I secretly hope to get my hands on an iPhone someday only because I have heard a great deal about:

  1. angry birds
  2. I want to know how apps, which people are crazy about, work.

Other than these I don’t see why I would want to see an iPhone.

My pc is very old. I’ll stick with it because it ain’t broken yet. I got a new laptop a few months back though.

I don’t use any other gadgets (that sounds so Neanderthal so perhaps I use a few other gadgets too but I can’t for life of me remember any of them)
I have been using windows XP up until very recently when I switched to windows 7 after buying a new laptop. I am using Office 2007 now because it came with my laptop.

My browsers are updated to the most latest versions because they are only a click away.

I’ve never really had the urge to go for the latest crazy in gadgetry. Although I was as fairly earlier adopter of USB Pens but I had a need for them really. So it was more of a practicality and I don’t have a mobile phone either.

Why extravagantly? you didn’t think that I would need two of them instead of just one? I bought the laptop because sometimes I need to have my own computer when I go to a client :slight_smile:

I know guys which are PRO in their fields and which use the same PC with XP as 5 years ago. Why they use it and don’t upgrade? Cause everything works great )

Me too! Ironically I haven’t used one for quite some time. In fact, I’m gonna go right now and use my very first USB drive to back up a few files.

Sticking with PHP. No Ruby on Rails for me.

thats right. how tablets can help you to be more productive? My intend is to be more smart :slight_smile:

I’m the same - Once I buy something I tend to stick with it until the time comes when it no longer works for me. That’s what happened recently with my mobile, it just randomly starting shutting off so I had to get rid of it. I opted for a smartphone, within price range of course, and to be honest, I’d never go back to a “normal” phone again. I was never a fan of fancy gadgets and perhaps it really isnt nowadays what with all the newest gadgets now available but I’m actually quite surprised at how taken I am with it! (:

I thought that too but when I started using the new phone I got, it’s just so incredibly easy to update on the go. I don’t have to carry around my laptop anymore now, everything is just right there on the phone, really handy, even SP! :goof:

You go Saul, you’re such a rebel! :smiley:

new gadgets are less expensive and reliable. i will prefer to new technology.

As long as I have a PC and an ordinary cellphone, I’m happy. But of course I love new technology.

I tend to wait a while for a new technology to prove itself and iterate past the first glitches before giving it a try. For operating systems I give at least a year before moving a primary system. Likewise I tend to wait for 2nd generation hardware.

I admire restraint in consumer purchases, there’s too much waste in society in general in a world with too little resources. I try to be as environmentally friendly as possible but fail when it comes to gadgets - I do own multiple smartphones and an ipad

In my work I feel it’s important to be familiar with any popular digital device that introduces new concepts in interaction, user interface and user experience to the general public, and the only way to do this is to own the devices. I have complete scorn for Apple’s restrictive and deliberate policies that encouraging rapid obsolescence so only ever buy their stuff second hand.

There’s a lot of older creative directors in agencies that have probably have never heard of RoR or node.js, but they’ll bang on about their iWotsit and twiddle them in board rooms so it’s useful to be able to relate with their current experience of digital media.

A good tip right now is if you have an old pc, stick an ssd in as the main drive. Did this on a 2007 laptop that I’d just about given up on, has given it another year or two of life for 90 bucks. A lot snappier.

If you want to rebel against new fangled smartphone check out this - the unsmart phone

I don’t rebel just to rebel. In fact, I don’t rebel. Rebellion means proving something and seeking change. I don’t care to prove anything or change anything. I just go my way.

Like smartphones. I need one for two things - calls/messages and Internet access. In fact, I was one of the earlier adopters of smartphones too. Before that I was using a GPRS phone to access the web - painful!

:tup: :agree:

I don’t care about all the popular sht out there - i buy new things if the old is broken, or because i need it. but when i do, i don’t buy the cheapest sht i can get - if i’m unsure, i do a lot of research before buying anything.

when it comes to desktop computers, i only use computers build by me - last time i bought a desktop i didn’t build myself, was back in 97…

I have never understood people who has to have all the latest shiny stuff - just for the sake of owning it :rolleyes: