Do you know similar font? Implementation of custom font

Hello designers

Are you aware of fonts that resemble the following font as close as possible?

Regarding to image number 3. Is there a way to make font drop shadow and would it impact compatibility of browsers supporting such effect? Would it put additional load on computer’s processor when user views webpage?

If you can help, please refer to number of each image and provide link to online font. I heard that Internet Explorer does not respect custom type font rules and uses its default. I would like to know if there is a way to make custom fonts work in all browsers please.


For identifying fonts, you might find these threads useful:

It looks like the Eurostyle typeface to me. As far as #3 goes, you could use CSS ‘text-shadow’ , but amazingly thats NOT supported in IE >10 ( tho , depending on your HTML markup you might be able to employ an IE filter as a fallback).
hope that helps

Thanks @TechnoBear @dresden_phoenix