Embedding custom fonts on your webpage

I’ve been struggling with this issue for days. I know there are a multitude of ways to replace text with images but nothing can beat being able to embed and use them directly. I’ve tried using the code below. Of course it works in Firefox and of course not in Internet Explorer 8. I’ve tried many different online converters but resulting in nothing but times font. Has anybody had success with this. I would appreciate some tips if so. Thanks

font-family: tech;
src: url("techy.eot");

@font-face {
 src: url("techy.otf");

There are some good sites that give you the full code needed to make this work in all browsers. The best place I’ve found is FontSquirrel. If they don’t have the font already, you can upload the font and they will spit it back at you in all formats and with the required code to make it work reliably. Make sure you are allowed to use the font this way, though. :slight_smile: