Do you know any Red5 shared hosting provider?

Red5 is a free open source java alternative to Adobe Flash Media Server and can be used for web based video streaming. Installing Red5 requires a dedicated server.

Do you know any shared hosting providers that have Red5 installed and available for their customers?

Red5 can be hosted in a J2EE container, so your best bet is to instead look for J2EE hosting providers that offer your own JVM instance or a generous amount of heap space and ask them if it’s ok for you to run Red5 on it.


It might be worth checking the prices against a dedicated server or vserver with a minimum of 512 or 1gb of ram, it might turn out a bit cheaper if you don’t mind setting up a red5 server yourself & doing the admin (or hiring somebody to do it).

I believe you’d be better to have a cheap VPS or a dedi and install there Red5.

Although a specialist Java host will probably have more experience on the management side of things.

Atleast in my experience the bigger Java hosts (e.g. not your average CPanel + Tomcat junk) are far better than the majority of normal hosts out there and will have staff onboard who really know their stuff.

It seems that there are no possibility to have Red5 with shared. I have found threads like yours on WHT
Seems yopu need to start at list with VPS

Most shared host’s don’t accommodate directly to the Java/J2EE market which is likely why.

Found my older post when looking for red5 alternatives and considered I should update this.

There are many hosting providers offering Red5 hosting right now. Most of them require managing your own vps or dedicated server in order to run Red5, installing yourself the applications, restarting the red5 server to get the new ones running. Also sometimes a Red5 & JDK upgrade is required to run certain rtmp applications.

Here are some affordable (under $100/month) solutions we really took in consideration:

VPS with Red5 preinstalled:

Managed Red5 (we & our customers use):