Do I still need to bulletproof @font-face?

If I’m using WOFF and WOFF2, do I really need to include SVG and open true-type? WOFF is widely supported except for IE8? Is bulletproofing @font-face still considered a best practice or needless overhead?

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I’d argue that it’s one of the few things that are pretty easy to offer a wide range of support on, so I don’t see any reason not to. Since the developer is usually just including some files that someone else gave them.

Unless you need to go out of your way to get the files, then it’s completely needless.

The answer to such questions is always - it depends. If you expect a significant number or <=IE8 users then include all possible formats. I consider IE8 dead so I don’t do that any more. Anyway, if someone doesn’t see my favourite font then it’s not a problem really.


That’s very good point. Thanks for that perspective.

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