Do I need to create a mobile version of the website?

Hi Community

I’ve been building a few websites here and their as a part time freelancer. I am starting to do this more and more as a full time job.

I have a very novice question and please forgive if i am posting this in the wrong area.

  1. Do I need to design a mobile version of the website I create? or I should say mobile versions of the site.

  2. Should this be handled as standard practice or do I need to charge my clients more? I mean should I handle it as an option and openly acknowledge that I have to design for mobile phones?

I test for IPhone, IPad and Android but that can hardly be categorized as designing a site for a mobile phone since these phones have the ability to display websites almost the same way as a regular site.

Which actually leads me to a third question.

  1. Should I design a separate web site for an IPhone, IPad or Android.

Thanks in advance for your advice.:slight_smile:

Since you are asking the question, then yes you should address mobile phones. Each client needs to make the call, your time to design the mobile friendly site costs so you should expect some payment. Sitepoint has some great aricles on how to use stylesheets and images sizes to make a site mobile friendly.

Watched a friend try to read an article on a non mobile friendly site, if it was a business selling something, he would NOT have purcased from them.

When viewing a website on the mobile, its just nicer if the site is made to scroll down on a small screen. Vs viewing the screen type view, trying to go side to side all the time.


If your client wants to have a mobile version of a website then you should charge it extra. There will be increase in users accessing internet via smartphones so I guess this is a good practice to sell a combo pack of your service. You can check iPhone version of facebook and flickr they are entirely different than their standard version.