What is bounce rate?

My web bounce rate is always above 80%.
What is good bounce rate?
Is it possible to reduce bounce rate?
What are the techniques to reduce bounce rate?

That depends on your site and what your visitors are intending to do there.

Bounce rate is merely an indication that visitors have arrived at your site on one page, and left again without visiting any other pages. It is not in itself an indication that there is a problem. If you have a single page site, you will have a bounce rate of 100%, simply because there are no other pages for your visitors to go to.

As I said recently in another topic:

So you need to look at bounce rate along with other indicators to decide whether or not you have a problem which needs addressing.

There is no issue of how much time the user was on the site? only if he visited another page on the domain?

That’s correct.

I’m assuming the OP is asking about bounce rate in Google Analytics. For more information, read this: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1009409?hl=en

Good content will make it easier for readers to stay on the page for longer, resulting in higher page retention rates

Thanks. It is very useful Information.


It is the percentage of a page visits. it is the times of visits in which a person leaves or webpage from the landing page without checking further

High bounce rate may not always indicate that there are problems on your web page. There are two possibilities, either the visitor found exactly what he was looking for on your page or that he found your page to be irrelevant to his query. Still if you want to reduce, The best ways to reduce it would be choosing the right keywords to rank for and to provide relevant internal links to make the visitor visit other pages. In an ideal scenario, if every visitor coming to your landing page leaves your site from another page, bounce rate would be zero and only exit rate would show some value in analytics.

Why would you consider that an “ideal scenario”, @Value_Web_Guide? Ideal for whom?

As already mentioned, visitors arriving at a page and leaving again without visiting any other may be doing so because they’ve already found exactly what they wanted and have no need to visit another page. For them, that is an ideal situation.

As I tried to explain earlier, you can’t read too much into bounce rate on its own; you need to look at it in context, and in the light of other information about your site. There is no “perfect” bounce rate that would apply to every site.

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You did a swell job explaining it the first time @TechnoBear!

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Yes… there is no perfect bounce rate…agree with you
by ‘ideal scenario’ i was referring to ideal one for a website owner and not the visitor. Now, for a visitor, an ideal would always be relevant content. The reason I took the example of ideal scenario(which is no doubt hypothetical) is to emphasize a point that there is no way to conclude a particular number as a good bounce rate but if visitors go through other pages can be a good sign from website owner point of view.

Guys Its valuable information. Thanks to all.

Thanks, I was actually thinking the same thing.

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