DIV Width Not Working


I’m redesigning my site but the DIV width for my bottom footer is only going like 50% across. Heres the code that im using and I tried width tags and lots of options but its still not working…

<div style=“background:url(‘background_2.gif’); background-repeat:repeat-x; background-color:#DDDDDD;” >

The site: http://www.1tm.com/testing/index.html


I don’t see a footer. I looked in source: I don’t see anything called footer either.


It starts at “Client Login” “Live Chat” “Order Now!” “Affiliates”

Check out our homepage http://www.1tm.com and then http://www.1tm.com/testing/index.html you will notice the width is not the same.


Ok. It’s as wide as it can be. It’s as wide as your <center> tag.

I’m using Firebug to outline it, but if you give it an ugly background colour you’d see it too.

The (multiple nested) <table>s inside the <center> tag are wider than the <center> tag, so stuff inside sticks out too far:
a tr:

You’ll either need to make your <center> tag as wide as your widest nested inner table, or better yet, chuck all that 1997 markup and use regular modern HTML. I do believe you can reduce your amount of markup by more than 50% if you did.

But if you can’t do that, put an ugly background colour on the <center> tag and keep increasing its width until it’s as wide as the stuff in your table.

OK I fixed the width was just missing a DIV close tag. :slight_smile:

Now theirs a huge gap between the content and the footer.

Any help?


The second p has top margin of 27px and also bottom margin of 27px. See what happens when you reduce that bottom margin. I believe it’s propping the td open.

fixed it!