New design - footer size problem

I have problem with footer - looks too wide.

have any ideas?
I need footer background color.

Just fiddling with it in Firebug, I noticed that you have a width of 550px on your h3 within the pulse maps widget class. Take that width off and it seems to cure the problem for me at least in Firefox. Doesn’t seem that you are using that width for anything needful.

I’m not an expert. Still learning. But I will say that it seems kind of odd that you are setting margins to “auto” on “.footer” when when you have set the width to 100%? Isn’t “auto” more appropriate for the inner footer ID? Also, It’s not necessary to set DIVs to 100% as that is the default of DIVs.

Just curious, why did you choose to wrap your ID of #Footer within a class of .Footer? Semantically it looks confusing. Why not have #footer wrapping everything, then a class of .footerContent to center it? It seems that most of your content within your footer could consist of <ul> and <li> rather than alot of divs everywhere. Just some thoughts.