Div height is bugged

Hello everyone
Its alittle bit hard to explain so i’ve uploaded the page with the relevant code only here:
As u can see the problem is that the div doesnt calculate its height correctly, as the image is overlapping the div, how do i fix this problem?
i know it has something to do with the floating because when i remove it its fine (but then the image is not positioned correctly)

Thanks for the help

I can see that it doesn’t look right, but I’m not sure what you want to happen.

Should the <div> stretch to enclose the image. Should the image follow the <div>? Should the image be beside (but outside) the <div>?

the image should be inside the div, its part of the content, so in other words, yes the div needs to stretch to enclose the image :slight_smile:

Adding the float property to #round and #round div will contain the image.

thanks, solved :slight_smile: