Div wont expand to wrap content, no floats involved

Hi, can someone explain to me why this is happening?
I do not know why the #container div will not expand vertically to contain the #image div.

To fix it I had to hack in some <p> </> tags to make it expand:

there are no floats involved. I have tried many of the more obvious solutions, trying different “height” declarations and such.
It must be something really simple that I am missing.

thanks for any time you put in on this!

I thinks it’s because of the position:relative on your #image div. Adding padding-bottom:100px to #container will compensate for the 100px offset of #image. (There may be better ways - it’s very late here. :slight_smile: )

I removed the “position-relative” declaration and then moved down the “#image” div. This seems to work. thanks a million!