Div being pushed to bottom of page in ie7

Not sure why but in ie7 that image on the left is a div containing the graphpic “dmwd” and the content is in another div. However the content is being pushed below in ie7. Anyone have an idea why? Thanks for you help. below is a link to the site. http://dougmorriswebdesign.com

Thanks a lot Paul, not sure why i did it that way. I think while moving stuff around i got sloppy with my css in firebug and stuff got left in there. However, thanks a lot cause I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me.


The problem is that you have given a static element a width that does not allow it to sit on the same line as the float. Other browsers let floats slid inside the static element but in >=IE7 when in haslayout mode the float is kept outside and will not fit on the same line.

#home_title {

You should really make 2 whole floated columns instead (width correct widths applied) and avoid all these IE bugs.