Layout breaking in ie7

Hi in IE7 my site is displaying badly (the bottom part where I have the contact and newsletter sign up), anyone tell me why? it displays fine in ie8 firefox

Try this:

#footer .box_custom_footer {
    height: 100px;

improved like that, the twitter and rss buttons in footer on the left are not showing, and the terms and conditions link is not in line with the rest of text in the footer

The twitter and rs icons are showing fine in my Ie7.

the terms and conditions are on another line because floats have t come first in IE7 and under. You can’t have a solitary float at the end of the line because it drops to a new line unless there is floated content before it.

Change the html order as follows:

            <p class="footer-info">[B]<a href="">Home</a> <a href="">Terms and Conditions</a> [/B]<img src="" height="16px" width="16px" class="wordpress-footer-logo" alt="" /> Powered by Wordpress + hand-crafted XHTML and CSS.  Copyright &#169; 2010 Isle Creative. All rights reserved | Web Design & Development Malta </p>
            <!-- social bookmarks -->