Displaying hidden elements

I m working on a website on which i think there is somethings hidden and there is plenty of css files to be looked in for it whereas the class or id is unknown. is there a way to display hidden or visible none elements on page? perhaps using web develoiper toolbar?

If you want to display all of them by default, you could add this rule (either in the CSS, or adding the rule in firebug)


The display:block rule isn’t really safe though. The visibility one is. You would be changing the natural display property (perhaps a span into the block).

The easiest way is just to turn all CSS off. Any content that has been hidden, display:none’d or positioned off-screen will then be visible in the document flow. Opera and Firefox allow you to do this very easily, not so sure about other browsers.

In Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox (with Firebug add-on) right click and choose Inspect Element (or Inspect Element with Firebug) and it will show you all elements and the style rules that apply to them.

The Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox has a “Show hidden elements” option under the “Miscellaneous” menu.