How to display image with no src link on Firefox


I have simple snippets of code like below:

<img src='' id='video' />

and the CSS:

#video {
	width: 640px;
	height: 320px;
	background: #222;

They display fine on Chrome and Opera but the DIV doesn’t show up on Firefox.
How do I have it appeared?


What div?

Anyhow, there’s no point in having an image element with no source url. What’s your aim here?

Thanks or reply,

Sorry, it’s the video element. They display on Opera, Chrome and Safari.

There is no source url because I will insert it dynamically via javascript.

just put {display: block;} in

Perhaps post your HTML for that CSS too, as it’s not clear what’s happening right now. The element with the id video should show up.