Display problem

I am building a WP website that is on my testing server here: http://kirkridge.bradstreets.net/
There is nothing tricky - basic header image, menu, and 3 columns. It displays fine on all computers that I have access too. My client uses a Mac OS 10.6.8 Safari 5.1 and for him the style sheet is not fully being utilized. The menu background and the page background are not showing. Is there anyone here that can duplicate the problem and let me know how to fix it? I have asked all the Mac users I know locally and it displays fine for all of them.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to look at this problem


Hi, I don´t know how should it be displayed right, but I see it ok. Test your site in different browser at http://browsershots.org/

This is how it appears in Safari 5.1 using Adobe Browser Labs.

That is the correct display. I tried the browsershots listed above and did not get the error display either. the difference is the white background on the page does not show (so it look gray from the overall background) and the green on the menu does not show either. I can’t seem to replicate the error.

It sounds like they might be having trouble with their machine/browser.
Can you ask the client to use a different browser just for testing purposes?

I have - he said it is the same on both Firefox and Safari on his machine.

Hmm. interesting. It’s all displaying fine here.
It’s just the background playing up?

He sent a screen shot of what he is seeing.

Try and specify a width for the div that contains the background image.
Also try making the background: transparent.

These are just guesses as I can’t replicate it here (like you, which makes it difficult)…

Unless they have something in their settings which doesn’t allow png image files or…

Try clearing the cache with your client, just to make sure it is not a banal reason. Secondly send him/her a link to your green background, just to the image file on the server and see what will be displayed.

I have determined it is not the images. I replace the white BG image with at white BG color and it still does not render for the client. Also tried specifying the width like mentioned above with no result. I guess I will abandon this theme and try another.

That might be the best option as you don´t want to waste your time. Such stupid things don´t let me to sleep sometimes even if I could just replace. What I do in such case I use webdevelopper in Firefox to outline custom elements or even easier is a right click on your site and click Inspect elements. That works in Firefox and Chrome too, don t know about other browsers. This way you can see what styles are applied to the displayed page.

Thanks WebWolfwizard ~ I too use the web developer tool from Firefox. The main problem here is that I can’t see the problem. I am about to give up on fixing it - like you said there comes a point where is it just a waste of time. I really appreciate everyone giving thoughts on this matter. This truly is the best forum I have found.


Problem solved. The first thing I asked him to do (like 3 weeks ago) was to make sure everything was updated. He finally did that and the problem went away. :rofl:

Hahah Doh! Ah well good to get it sorted.
Does this mean you weren’t able to update it yourself?

The problem was on his computer - it was resolved when he updated his browser.

Ah excellent!