Css issue Mac vs PC

Hi To all

I am experiencing an display css issue .

I am working on the mac side of my computer. The file http://www.reesdynamic.co.za/top-fruit/team.php displays perfectly on the mac side. When I view the same file on the pc side in Firefox the right sider bar covers part of the menu.

I have used a reset.css file to make the pc and mac displays uniform in look.

If you view http://www.reesdynamic.co.za/top-fruit/index.html you will have the correct menu to navigate to the different pages. The index file displays correctly. I have used the same css style (adapting it for the different sidebar length). On most pages the display is uniform.

If you view http://www.reesdynamic.co.za/property-marketing.html

or http://www.reesdynamic.co.za/form.html

the same issue appears.

The team.html page I have set the height and removed the bottom padding thinking this was the issue, unfortunately it did not work.

I cant understand how some pages styled the same way , display perfectly on both pc and mac and others using the same syling don’t.

I am a bit lost as to what the issue on these three pages could be. I coded the bulk of the site on the pc side but have coded the last 3 pages using the mac side.

I would appreciate any advice.

Thanks for your time reading this post.

Hi Mike_SA,

How did you sort it? I am experiencing the same problem today!

all sorted

Hi NaomiC

It might not be the same problem causing the error you experiencing.
I found that I had set the width of the left hand content too wide. It forced me to have a negative value for the right hand sidebar, which caused issues with reset file I had set up for the uniform look for the Mac and PC. Basically the mac looked perfect but the pc was a little out.

I hope this helps you.
If you still having problems, post a link to the page and if I can’t help you I know someone else will give you a hand.

I have checked for typo’s and mistakes but can’t find anything wrong