Display parts of a website in an iframe

Like my heading says, I want to display a part of the website in an iframe. Here is the site I want to put in the iframe: http://srm.mnganesh.com/

I want to display everything apart from the footer and the GPA Calculator heading at the top. I want to put the rest of the content alone in my website. And on entering the roll numbers, I want students to be able to see their Grades and GPA’s. Here’s a sample roll number: 1021140050

I just tried this code to put in the iframe, resized it but I don’t know how to show a part of it. I googled for many tutorials but couldn’t find anything that could fit my purpose. Can anyone please help me out with this?

<iframe src="http://srm.mnganesh.com/" height="500px" width="800px" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Thank You

I think you will need to use a Server-side technology (PHP, ASP, Perl) to scrape and parse the source page.
Then you can inject the portions you want in your HTML. You would even have the flexibility to reformat the data!!