Display my latest blog post in Facebook


May I know what apps you use so that your status will automatically show your latest blog posts? It seems that the notes >> Import settings section is not working… right now I am manually pasting my log post URL to share, is there a more efficient way?

The easiest way is probably to put a Facebook “share” button on your website. When you publish a new post, just click the share button and a link to your post will show up on your wall.

you may place the ‘share’ button in your website for you to be able to directly post updates/statuses via facebook. Or you could link/make your website compatible to facebook, so that whatever you post in your website, it automatically appears in your news feed, and also to your friends as well .

How about using a feedburner? Any updates or new posts from your page will automatically show on your social media account like facebook wihout event clicking the share button. I use dlvr.it. I’m not sure if this is what you need but this help me out especially when I’ve no time logging in and out of social media sites.