Display Hidden Files in OS X

Is there an easy way to display hidden files (.filename) in Finder?

I found a script online that claims to do this, but it requires having to close all instances of Finder (i.e. 6 in my case!!) and restarting Finder which is a pain!

I’d like an easy way to be able to toggle this feature on-and-off just like you can do in Windows Explorer.


No idea. doesn’t open at all in TextEdit for me (may be my settings for TextEdit). I opened it with TextMate, where it wasn’t black.

But why is the file opening up with TextEdit being all black like it has a black background adn black (or no) text?


Maybe that’s old info, as I can’t find these in that file either.

When I open up “com.apple.finder.plist” I get an all black screen in what appears to be TextEdit?? :-/

And what is “PropertyListEditor”?


If you are familiar with Terminal (a little program in your Applications folder) you can follow the simple procedure explained here: