Discussion: The Great Holiday Photography Competition

Ok, but how do you attach the photos? Sorry, I’m new. lol

Instead of using ‘Post Quick Reply’, click on ‘Go Advanced’. Then scroll down a bit, and you’ll see the ‘Manage attachments’ button.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

[FONT=“Georgia”]Nice, I’m seeing some cool photos in there, guys. Keep 'em coming!

I’m liking the guest appearances by SP staff too :smiley:


nice photos :slight_smile:

my shutter finger is getting itchy now :bouncy3:

might have to go dust off the old kodak instamatic :weee:

Another quick question… Can you upload a profile picture?

Kirschna’s Christmas lights are great fun! Reminds me of something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory :weee: Very unusual and of course Christmassy :hohoho:

Great entries so far, love seeing the different interpretations! I hope to post more soon for fun! Best of luck to everyone!

[FONT=“Georgia”]Yes, you can.

After you have 25 posts, click on “Quick Links” then go to “User Control Panel”.

Somewhere to the left on the page that follows you’ll see “Edit Profile Picture”.


So I have to wait until I have 25 posts?


Just a quick rule clarification question on two items related to the above rule. Is the converting of a color image to black and white and the use of HDR images allowed?

I hope BW is allowed, these days my camera is usually in BW mode and I barely set it back to colour.

I feel like the test bunny here!

And in future I will load images in one post … honest.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, HDR is allowed, but use carefully. We’ve all seen bad HDR.[/FONT]

[FONT=“Georgia”]Yes, B+W is allowed too.

I see you still have that graffiti artist “friend”…


I usually take photographs of blinds, I have a nice collection. As soon as I saw that one yesterday I knew it was for the competition :wink:


nice photo :slight_smile:

hint: I don’t think Winter Weather is “technically” one of the competition’s subjects (see post 1). Perhaps change the title to December Weather before your post’s edit button disapears.

[FONT=“Georgia”]I’m loving it so far, everyone!

Don’t forget, next batch of topics to be posted by HAWK tomorrow (or today, or whatever day is the 18th in New Zealand).



[FONT=“Georgia”]Yeah yeah, I still don’t believe you can make pictures until you submit a few for us.

That one you posted for fun doesn’t count.

Come on, it’s a light-hearted contest and you literally have nothing to lose.

If you want, I give you back your :twocents:



didn’t I say earlier that I will try to post some early in the New Year? I won’t have time before Christmas.

it’s now been the 18th for 8 hrs and 19 mins where I live, so now waiting on next set of subjects :slight_smile: