Discussion: The Great Holiday Photography Competition

Here you go folks, the second set of subjects revealed:

  • Gifts for the Holidays
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Family
  • Cookies for Santa
  • Holiday Office Party
  • Opening Presents
  • Celebrating 2010
  • Fireworks

Remember, you can still take pics from the first list, and there will be a third list revealed in early January.

It’s been the 18th for 10 hours and 19 minutes here, but feeding my kids has been my priority. :wink:

Here you go.

As community manager you should think of us as your kids, and feeding us is giving us the information we are waitig for :wink:

ok thanks :slight_smile:

that reminds me, I betta go have brekky myself :slight_smile:

for any late starters - the rules and 1st set of subjects (post 1)

[FONT=“Georgia”]Nice one.


[FONT=“Georgia”]That’s true, you did say that.

Well, carry on.


Hey, are the new subjects posted anywhere yet?

Yup as per HAWK’s post #61 here’s the link again :slight_smile:

Have Fun!

[FONT=“Georgia”]Hi, 11sbarnett.

All photos must have been shot between 1st Decmber this year, until the competition ends.

I’m sorry, you’ll have to resubmit a new photo for “Family”.


Did anyone ever play Mist or Riven? This reminds me of something from one of those games…

I really like that lights photo Shaun, very cool :tup:

I should have more photos to add in myself for fun soon :weee:

[FONT=“Georgia”]Thanks. Hopefully it’s a suggestion of different ways of looking at some of the topics if the popular way seems too difficult.

If you can go big on something, try to go small. Best of all would be to do both and pick the better!


And here we are, January 1st, and the final set of topics for our Great Holiday Photography Competiton revealed:

  • A Big Clean Up
  • “Party’s Over…”
  • Yummy Leftovers
  • Charity / Kindness
  • Surprise!
  • Yellow
  • A Pleasant Evening Outdoors with Friends
  • Still Dancing

[FONT=Georgia]Remember, even though the holiday season in most parts of the world is over, you can still keep making and submitting these photos until January 16th.

And again, they don’t have to be “holiday” themed. They just need to be on topic.

All the best with this batch and we look forward to what you guys can do this time![/FONT]

I knew I should have placed that order for a camera sooner… In theory it should arrive this week, and so hopefully I can get airborne with it for some aerial shots! If it’s late I might only have one day to fly and shoot before this comp is over.

This one is really tough to understand for me (Spanish speaker): “Yummy Leftovers”
Is there any chance of further explanation?
Thanks :slight_smile:

According to wordreference.com:

left-overs = sobras
yummy = riquísimo

Any way, leftovers are what is left of a meal.
Something yummy is something delicious.

[FONT=“Georgia”]I hope you get through, I’d love to see what that’d look like!


[FONT=“Georgia”]Last few hours!

Submissions end TODAY!

16th January, midnight Pacific time.

If you’re planning to entering, do it NOW!

Click here for the list of all topics, and to [URL=“http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=715967”]post your submissions.

You can find the full rules and post your last minute questions or comments [URL=“http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=715968”]over here.

Let’s go!


long time sitepoint fan, but finally signed up so I could add my shots.

shaun, for the record, i hadn’t seen your lights shot before i submitted mine - great minds think alike though right?