Difference between bookmarking and Directory submission?

Bookmarketing are used to only submmission or else?

That is how authors and publishers will promote their works of literature with the aim of selling more books, either printed copies or Ebooks. Not something necessarily related to web development or social media, though it may play a part.

Something entirely different, already discussed in your other topic.

i can submit link on both bookmarketing and directory submission and realize both work are same.

Perhaps you mean bookmarking, not marketing.

yes :slight_smile:

bookmarking is when you press ctrl-D to store a link in the bookmarks list in your own browser - it doesn’t get submitted anywhere.

I believe directory is easier category than social bookmarking .

Social bookmarking is when you bookmark your site’s pages on sites like Digg, google etc. Most of the links nowadays are nofollow but these do help in boosting in ranking somewhat. Directory submission involves submitting your website’s homepage on directories like etaaps etc.

Other than the method, directory submission is mostly done for homepages while bookmarking is done for all major pages. Hope this helps !

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If you are talking about ranking in search results, then I’m afraid you are wrong there. Nofollow links have no effect.

I think the operative word here is “somewhat”.

IMHO the statement should be rephrased to include “might” and “indirectly”.

That is

IF there is traffic from the link - and -
IF the person following the link has a website - and -
IF they feel that linking to the site might benefit their visitors - and -
IF they do not make it a rel nofollow link

then it might have some SEO effect.

(Whew! that’s a lot of ifs for a might)

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Directory submission helps to make the backlinks & social bookmarking helps to get the traffic to your post as well as also help to get the backlinks for your website.

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Neither social bookmarking nor directory submission will do you much good in terms of creating backlinks. Search engines give very little weight to links you create yourself.

If the site is reputable, then it will mark such user-submitted links as nofollow. A low-quality site which allows followed links will do you no good, and may be regarded as a “link scheme”, leading to your site being penalised. https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66356?hl=en

Directory submission - It is used to get high rank of your website through quality back links. By this, you can boost the ranking of your website in the search engine. It is effective as a tool to increase the traffic on your website.

Social bookmarking - It is a way to store, organize and share your links across the web and you can also manage search for addresses of online resources.

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@mehulappinventiv: while we’re very happy to have you contribute to the discussion, please read thje whole thread before replying. The post immediately before yours explains why directory submission is not a way to get quality backlinks or improve search rankings.

Yes that’s bookmarking also but I guess NehaSaxena is asking about bookmarking strategy used for link building/traffic generating. Digg is an example of bookmarking site.