Design Recommendation for a Supply Site

I’m hitting a wall on how to redesign this site.

Anyone have any ideas? Aside from the fact that this is a cart site, just the profession itself I’m stumped on ideas.

Thank you.

yeah that’s a hard sell. I think if it were me i’d just stick to producing a clean layout that is more functional than beautiful. I can’t really think of any images that would suit so probably best with block colour.

I don’t like the font for the title at the moment so a less fussy one would prob be best.

Also needs a better intro as i had no idea what it was for until i started seeing what the products are.

good luck

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I’m not sure about the rest of the site, but I would look for a modern type face for the name - I’m not sure that Gothic ever had a place here. And a more meaningful logo wouldn’t go amiss.


All in all I find the site is quite effective to find the merchandise, but it has some obstacles:

The confusing left hand product categories for example: Most of them has sub categories, but a few has non and a few has also a sub level sub categories. You can’t know without go there.

The breadcrumbs are a navigation help of course, but you can’t see or directly go to a sibling sub category. Instead you have to go up a level in the category. Takes extra clicks, but are good to keep as it is. You know where you are.

From a user perspective I think the menu system needs a rethink:
I suggest a working solution that is both sticking to the left menu as it is, but also gives a shortcut to any level sub category would be: Fall out sub-menus in the Product Category menu.

I too the logo type face difficult to read, but it also gives an impression of the company’s history and profession. I would keep the name as it is, but find a fresh spot color theme for the site.

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Thanks a lot, gents.

I guess I’ll keep this a simple design. I was just at a standstill as to what do with this thing.

As for the menu, I was thinking of either a mega menu for the main menu (Quad Menu?), or when users click on a parent product category, the subcategory(ies) would display on a fixed left sidebar menu (obviously changing for every parent menu item). I don’t want to make things complicated for the user, but it seems for mobile users it’s going to be a long menu.

Just out of interest, does it get a lot of mobile visits? It strikes me as the kind of site much more likely to be accessed from a work computer than a mobile, but my knowledge of this area of business is nil.

I suggest experimenting with making it responsive. Check the logs to see what percentage is coming from mobile devices. The left menu items: each one tapped will slide out its own submenus or possibly be a modal for all its submenus.

There isn’t any data to check for stats, unfortunately.

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IMHO, I think it would be a great improvement if the menu can be used as a shortcut from one sub category to another sub in a different category. As now it is to many clicks to do that, and I think a customer need to go between sub categories for different items.

All categories are located in a nested table of its own with each category in its own row. It could easily be replaced with a list with each category as a list item.

Then you could add sub-menu lists that falls out on hover with links to every sub category in that category. A fixed subcategory list would probably cover some other items and make the jump there difficult.

(When I first looked at the categories and their sub categories I thought there were more than one sub-level in a category, but that was probably just a confusion going back and forth to find what was there.)

That is definitely something you’ll want to remedy. Google Analytics or similar.

Has the client told you what s/he wants changed? What are they dissatisfied with? What do they want improved?

The whole site in itself is aged and not mobile friendly. I think that says it all.

Yes, I agree. I’m just asked to redevelop it.

Whenever you get around to updating the site I would update the laptops and web link in the main hompepage image.

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