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I’ve recently redesigned the site, and I’m looking for feedback on the same.

A brief context about the site: it is for a (higher secondary or Pre University as it is called here) college, founded fairly recently, based out of Mysore, India, with information about the courses, founder, results, etc.

What do you think about the overall design? Any pointers/suggestions/criticisms welcome. The site should be responsive, and work well on both desktops and mobile, so in case you see any issues, please point it out. Any other inputs to help improve usability and design are welcome.


Hi tauqir, I’ve glanced at your site. And everything seems to be in place, just a suggestion. Since you have an almost full-width site, on large screens you may end up with the text being displayed in way too long sentences. It might be easier to read if you had the content block centered on such devices.

What I think it would be an improvement right now. You have in the main menu (top right) several items that are dropdowns. One that cached my eye was the “About us”. It’s not a section per se, and you only have a single sub-menu there (the founder’s data). You should either remove the dropdown (and just leave the section “about the founder”) or create an about us so you may have an actual reason to have a dropdown there.

I didn’t like finding a poster/huge image on the Talent Search Exam 2015. I felt lost there because the layout is way different from the whole site. What I’d prefer to see, is some description on what’s up with that and a button to download the poster. Mainly because it seems to be something to print, fill and deliver somewhere. And since there is a label that says “Register Today” at the bottom, I’d expect to be a button or a link to take me to a sign up form.

Besides that, everything links to where it should and there are not complex/unnecessary layouts.

Hi lesthertod,

Thanks for the detailed feedback, appreciate it. Will work on the changes and update the site soon.

Thanks a ton. :smile:

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