Description: Server Hangup

Does anyone know what causes the Server Hangup page to appear. It’s happened to me on numerous occassions this week, and I don’t know why.

Thanks in advance.

What do you mean by Server Hangup ?

I’ve never herad or anything like this.

Did the server crash or what ?

Hi sbdi,

What do you mean by Server Hangup ?

I don’t knowm that’s why I’m asking :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically, I upload my content onto a server, and it works fine for some period of time. After a while, some images fail to load, and some pages produce an error page (not sure of code, 503…something like that I think) with Server Hangup. Underneath it says, Description: Server Hangup.

That is all I can say.

Maybe you mean “Time Out” error? It could be that your hosts servers are overloaded and that at busy times, your site and contents just cant be found.

I was going to mention, be sure to set the correct path to your images (or they will jusy show a box with a red “x” in the corner) but it may not be that if sometimes the images do appear. Decoy…why dont you post the URL, so we can take a look?


I’ve provided a screenshot of the error page.
Below is the code that comes with it.
I’m quite certain it’s a server hangup as the word’s are plastered everywhere.

<HEAD><TITLE>Server Hangup</TITLE></HEAD>
<BODY BGCOLOR="white" FGCOLOR="black"><H1>Server Hangup</H1><HR>
<FONT FACE="Helvetica,Arial"><B>
Description: Server Hangup</B></FONT>
<!-- default "Server Hangup" response (502) -->

Oh yeah, the URL.

If anyone has read any of my earlier posts, then they’ll know this web site has had its problems due to matters out of my hands.

Being a student, I was given the task of designing a web site for cardiac patients (coronary heart disease). My initial ideas were taken over by a contractor who basically messed it up (please view source code at I was digusted after viewing this, with <head> and <html> tags repeated all over the place along with others.

Anyway, after complaining they allowed me to carry on from where I started off before he was brought in. As he designed everything in cold fusion, I decided to go back to basics and hard code it in HTML to be on the safe side. This will allow others after me inexperienced in web design to update it.

The URL for the version 2 of the site is at

So far there are approx. 150+ pages, all of which were working perfectly for over a month until last week. If I FTP the page that isn’t working, it fixes it for about 5 minutes, and then it goes back to being unavailable.

I was using WS_FTP Pro to upload everything until the 30 day trial period expired. Since then, I’ve gone back to WS_FTP LE, and I think the trouble started after using this version. In case it is, can anyone suggest an alternative FTP program that is reliable?

Hope this little history lesson clears a few things up.

Decoy…I just visited your page…“The page cannot be displayed”. As far as I can figure, your site is hosted with BT. Maybe that could be the problem regarding the server hangup? (They problery host hundreds of sites for SME and there servers may be overloaded)

I dont think switching from WS FTP PRO to LE would be a problem. Having said that, we had problems with WS FTP with setting permissions in our CGI Bin, but we switched to ACE FTP and that solved it.

I can only conclude that it is a hosting problem, or maybe they are upgrading.

Thanks for your reply Designr.

The web site is hosted on a dedicated server within the hospital I work at. The first web link ( I provided is to the old site, but this works perfectly.

I’ve been working on a second version at the following link, which is in the same directory.

If there is a problem with the server, why is the first link working, but the page at the second not. Surely both would fail to load if there was a server problem.:frowning:

Yep, the first URL did work just fine. Regarding the second URL, (as your path suggests) your main page (index) is in a folder called “v2”?

Ah ha, Decoy, get rid of the index.html and your site comes up.:slight_smile:

Now, the images on the homepage did not appear. Are you sure you have the correct path? (Your welcome image path is: so, you have a folder called “v2”, with-in that folder, you have a “images” folder with your “welcome” gif in, right?

Ok, I have now just gone to and your gif shows, so your path to your images is not correct.

Hi Designr,

I’ve just downloaded ACE FTP as you suggested and am in the process of uploading everything again. This may be why it now works. The images are next, so if you try again in a second it should be completed.

I’ve created a folder called v2, and this contains a completely seperate site, new images in a folder called images, so all paths are correct.
I.E. v2/images/welcome.gif

Everything should be uploaded now.

By the way, the links you provided are to 2 different images.
The first link is to the images folder for the new site:

The second is to the original image on the original site:

Hope that makes a bit more sense.


Since writing this post, the site that was working a second ago comes back with that server hangup screen again!!! :bawling:

Decoy…at 2.15pm (UK Time) I tried to access your site and your images, but nothing is coming up. (Page not found)

Not having much luck huh, Decoy :rolleyes:

Cheers for trying it again Designr, but I have a cunning plan :dodgy:

I’m going to create a test area on geocities and copy everything over to there. If it works there, then at least I know it has nothing to do with my coding :slight_smile:

I hate having the site within the hospital as there is nobody to maintain that particular server, as you can see (long story). I’d rather go with an outside host, and you also get all the wiz-bang stuff like web statistics thrown in.

By doing this, I may be able to convince them that it’s worth moving servers.

The new homepage will be at:
At geocities you can only upload 20 items at a time, and I had 241 pages last time I counted. It may take me a while to upload everything along with the images. :frowning:

Time 16.44 GMT

Hey Decoy. I just been to the geocities site, it looks ok there. (Apart from the banner on the top right, which will not be there if/ when you move host)

Time: 6.28pm Weather: A Little grey and damp :stuck_out_tongue: