Cannot connect to site

Having trouble with our server and customer service/tech. support isn’t being helpful at all. We are in the process of looking for a new provider since their service is pretty poor anyway, but that might not be any time soon.

We are having a problem where people can connect to their web site once, but after that, it fails to load the page. A client called today saying she cannot visit her website. I unblocked her IP in the firewall and she still can’t connect. Our Windows machine has the same problem too, but our Macs work fine. It is not only one web site, but all web sites hosted on this server. I even tried it on my smartphone and I get the same issue.

The connection to the site times out and I have no idea why. I’ve tried Googling, but a lot of the results are saying things along the lines of “clear your browser’s cache” [we’ve tried this] or “check your Internet settings”. These really aren’t solutions because (1) I’ve tried them and it still won’t work and (2) even if it did work, we can’t tell everyone, and by everyone I mean anyone who wants to visit our site, to clear their cache/history every time they want to visit one of our sites hosted on this server.

Have also tried different browsers. I don’t know much about servers, I know my way around cPanel so right now I’m a bit lost. Any suggestions?

If anyone wants to try it for themselves, two sites hosted on this server are: and

Both sites come up fine for me. Firefox and Windows 7.

Some times they load just fine the first time, can you go to it a second time, maybe in a different browser as well? I’ve tried this on my laptop once - it loaded fine in Firefox first, then in IE it wouldn’t load. So I switch back to Firefox and it won’t load anymore.

Loaded the Annie Oakley Shooters site in in IE: No problem (except for the sound that zings across the speakers every time a page loads, which has already driven me approximately 40% crazy - just a little friendly feedback :slight_smile: ).

After loading in IE, went back and reloaded in Firefox. No problem. Have you used Firebug’s net panel to determine if you are getting any server response whatever? Have you checked your server error logs/access logs?

As far as your friendly feedback goes - they want a redesign, so we’re working on that :stuck_out_tongue: (the site was made before I got there so I take no responsibility :P)

I didn’t know about the Firebug net panel, I’ll try it tomorrow, since I’ve already left the office and I’ll check the server logs.

So I tried going to the sites with the Net panel open in Firebug, all it has is one entry that says:

Status: Aborted


What about the server logs? Firewall logs perhaps?

The two sites aren’t on the same server, one is on the same box as the hosts nameservers which isn’t good practice, the other traces to a different ip on the same subnet

Both sites are connected . I am using Firefox , Window 7.