Deployment location


I am confused what is the standard way to put our web application, isn’t it in /var/www/mysite or /home/jemz/mysite ?

my project is Laravel and Vue.

can you please enlighten my mind?

Thank you in advance.

I had the similar “problem”. I found that it does not matter, but I also found it more comfortable to use the “home” directory. Easier to find, sort of. But I think some combination of software the var directory is default. So IMO, if it not is the default path, use “home”.

Thank you for the quick reply.

No don’t use home. Home is, as the name says for user personalized data. So a webpage has nothing to do in home.

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Like Thallius, I would also leave everything in /var.

If you are running Apache, then having your sites in ~ can lead to permissions issues.

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We normally create a folder /apps where our application go to. So we normally have something like


Where we root our virtual hosts to