Web Application Setup - Zend and Subversion on Local/Shared Host Environments

I would like to setup a development environment but, I’m getting a little mess up with all this nomenclature around it, and how they can interact together.

At this moment, I work solo, remotely only (I do A LOT of uploading), and without using any subversion system.
I would like to prepare myself to work locally, and with the possibility to work on a team as well. So, I would like to have an environment where I can do most of the work locally, but to be able to use a subversion system.

Problem: The shared host that I’m using doesn’t support subversion hosting.
I’m thinking of using some free host service for that.

Question 1:
How can we relate the local host development, with the shared host development and this svn remote online service, trough this svn perspective ? I mean, how will be the workflow process on this trilogy?

Question 2:
When we deploy a Zend Project (using Zend_Tool for example), we get a set of directories to work with. Normally, I do point my virtual host name to htdocs/www/project1/public/ - where, public is the public directory related to the Zend project.

Question 2.1:
Where should I put my trunk, tags and branches folders? Should I have something like:
htdocs/www/project1/trunk/public/ ?
Should I upload trunk directory to the shared host environment ?

Question 3:
Since I will have several Zend projects, I’ve been told to:
Place the “library/zend” folder outside any specific project scope and, use svn command line to update new versions and have a symbolic link on the place where php is installed and use an include. (something like this).

Question 3.1:
When we need to upload all our work to the final host, where should we upload our library folder to?

Please help me to have some lights on this matters,
Best Regards,