Deployment and how links would work with it

Hi all, please let me know if this is in the wrong place :slight_smile:

Soooooo i’m trying to figure out how to setup a deployment system for my site i’m working on, it’s a massive site and i want to push changes to the server when i’m done with the local work so that i know it’s going to work before making my users suffer for my coding mistakes :smiley: haha. I’m super new to deployment and so far i have only been using a FTP plugin for sublime text to save changes, something to know though is that the site is not live yet so users can’t just yet use it, thats way i want to set something up so that it’s a smoother ride.

What i was thinking is i would use a VM with vagrant, puphpet to create the local environment and then use FTPloy with bitbucket to push to the server. The reason why i use that is because i’m on shared hosting and i need to use FTP for uploading my files.

On to the reason for this post:
I’m lost at the moment because I’m finding it hard to get information on links and how they are handled on the local system.

Let’s say i have links on my site:
on the local system if I click the link i will then go to the actual domain, how do you navigate the local site as you would the live one without having to change the links themselves? would i just have to go to the pages manually, e.g. localhost/some-page-i-can-go-to

I have no problem with going to the pages directly but the problem that i do have is that all the links in my site uses full links (doman name) so that it’s harder for scrappers not to just collect the entire site in seconds. The other problem i have is that i have full links on all my css and jquery so they would not work form the local files.

Does anyone know how to handle this type of thing and if you have any other tips or information to help me before i start all this, it would be massively appreciated :slight_smile:

Have a great day ahead all.

is there no one who can throw in there 2c? :smiley: haha

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