Web design/Developement workflow and tools. How are you working?

Hi !

I’m at a point in my web design/dev learning where I would like to tinker around with the real deal.
I already have a domain with a wordpress page as well as a handcoded page.
I currently use Filezilla to transfer my file directly on my FTP and Sublime text to code ( if it makes any difference ).

I also heard that I should use something like Xampp to test my website localy and also use Git for the Version Control.

I would like to have a legit workflow from coding to publishing while testing my website somewhere else that on my domain and that for both my wordpress blog and my hancoded page.

I basically want to know was is your publishing workflow.

I hope my question make sense and can’t wait to read your answers :smile:

Thank you very much and have a nice day !


It depends on the amount of information I’ve got because first I like to write down the goals of the website and organize the information a bit (categories and all that)

I use pen and paper to sketch the basic blocks of the web page and a little schema of the sections that the website should have. When I know what I want, then I may sketch it in Photoshop.

I’m a very simple person so I use Notepad++ (to be honest, I haven’t found anything in sublime that Notepad++ couldn’t do… but then, maybe if there is, I don’t need it so I don’t see the need to change) and Filezilla to transfer.

I do hava PHP and Apache installed in my computer (what you would call XAMP only that I installed manually) for testing purposes. If I’m doing Ruby (which I’m learning) then I use nitrous.io.

I have a GIT account which I certianly should use more, same with Heroku :smile:

I usually also do my preliminary sketching, ideas, and brainstorming on paper, or with a wireframe tool and a notepad document.

I use Sublime Text 3 for my coding, typically. Filezilla for FTP. PuTTy for SSH when on Windows. I use WAMP but have also used XAMPP and didn’t mind either. When using a Linux machine, I usually already have a LEMP stack set up on it instead.

I use Git as much as I can. For private projects I usually host my code with BitBucket; if I ever tackle anything open source that means much of anything, I’d consider GitHub.

When I’m on my Macbook instead, I use an almost identical workflow, just slightly modified. And I use a similar flow at work (for some reason I envision my home office set up when it comes to what programmer-me uses, not my work office set up).

Other tools that are useful at times:

  • PhotoShop. I tried GIMP, I did, but for every day use I need PS. Maybe it’s just a crutch :smiley:
  • Lightshot. This is the most valuable browser extension / small app I’ve ever encountered. So much utility for quick sharing of code or layouts or GUI items for help troubleshooting. Way easier than most screenshot tools.
  • Sitepoint, other dev forums, and Google. Anytime I have a question (all the time) I can find an answer online. It’s rare borderlining impossible for you to encounter a programming situation that someone hasn’t already solved and discussed online, or at least that people couldn’t help with.

Sorry if that’s not very original but it’s what I do!

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Doesn’t matter while you are an expert or in learning phase. Before submitting your site on domain one must check for its working whether it is working according to requirement or not. For local system you need a local server for php like XAMP or WAMP.

For domain you just register a sub-domain and publish first on there, after checking upload it on main domain.
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Thanks to all of you for your advices

I have a few more questions for all of you.

Do you edit the files directly on your localhost directory ?
Do you use Git at this point ?

When you are happy with your website on your local host do you manually upload the files to your domain ? I think there is a way to automatically sync the files that have been change but It seems I can’t find how ( I am probably not goggling the right thing ).

I think I’m going to put more effort into learning GIt and Xampp

many Thanks :slight_smile: and please excuse my english, it’s not my native language.

You’re looking for git push. This will update a remote repository with your current git commit on a specific branch.

I use Heroku, which is an abstracted host where you don’t have command line access and you deploy everything through git. To deploy a new copy to production, I would use this on my local command line:

git push heroku heroku:master

This pushes my “heroku:master” branch (which is separate from my main and development branches) to the remote heroku repository. Same thing if you’re using a VPS, except you would have to setup the remote repository yourself and do any sort of building or any prep work there.

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For me, I’ve worked with various tools to deploy that’s fully automated to manual process. Of course, I prefer to the fully automated one. I’ve used deployments using a tool called JENKINS or MAVEN or even using IDE that let’s me deploy remotely.

In my opinion, one thing that is usually missing is the ‘test’ phase. In a very CRITICAL application, you don’t just write code and deliver to production. I don’t consider manual test using a browser and mouse click here and there as a REAL test. Before being deployed to production, it should have abundant automated Unit and Integration test. In fact, if any of the test fails then it should not let you deploy to production.

Thanks you verymuch I will take a look a that ! I did not know that GIt dit it !

Thanks ! I did not know Jenkins nor Maven ! I think that combine with GIT I will have a solid setup.

Thank you all for your input the community is pretty rad here :slight_smile: