Delicious dead, what next?

So Yahoo are killing off the delicious bookmarking service :nono:
Which I’ve found invaluable for tagging/searching/accessing 1000’s of bookmarks over many years.

What alternatives would anybody recommend, needs to have tags/categories, and browser integration (ideally chrome and firefox)?

I expect some of these will do what you need:

Maybe… but which one of them? :lol:

Ah, that’s sad.
I never actually used delicious, but too bad there isn’t a www “First to popularize clever use of an address” award.

Those are all social networks, not bookmarking tools as such?

I’ve been recommended pinboard, but reckon it’ll be tough to find an alternative that integrates into multiple browsers plus mobiles so seamlessly.

looks like delicious will be sold, not axed. Anyway I don’t really use it anymore prefering zootool myself.

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Well, well, well… Long time no see. I hope that everthing is all right, Andy… How is the married life? :wink:

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Pretty good thanks, and nice to see you too :eye:

After all the hulabaloo about yahoo killing the delicious service, they then put out an announcement about looking for buyers.

I personally love Delicious. It is probably the most neatly organized social bookmarking site ever created. It really hope Google buys it. There is literally thousands of different directions you could take that site to improve it even further.

Ah delicious and i think they are the starters of social bookmarking and we have to respect them.I love delicious!

I would recommend mister wong ( working great for me.

I ‘red’ that reddit is slowly taking the reigns from Digg!

I think the alternative of delicious bookmarking service of yahoo may be, this is one of the yahoo bookmarking service which allows the almost same functionality as delicious. :lol:

Well it looks good but i never got any traffic from here. IMO, using a combination of stumbleupon mixx and reditt can work well for everyone.

I don’t think they will kill it…I think, because of the reactions, Yahoo will try first to sell it. Hopefully, somebody will want it.

Just read a blog article on delicious ( that indicates they’re not planning on going down but it will be sold.
And I read on a Dutch blog that a Dutch company called Symbaloo is looking to buy it.

For the Dutch people:

Linked via Google Translate to show it in English:

Good to know that they are not closing down it, But once sold whether it will work the same way or are there any changes expected?

I believe there will be changes but it will take them a while and their programmers to do that. Considering all the site’s users and everything. I wonder what really happened though and why they are selling it really.

Delicious is working quite well right now and any service that contains so much popularity isn’t just shut down without notice so I think you should keep on using it unless they specifically mention it on the website that it is being shut down. It will be a PR disaster for Yahoo! if the website just vanishes. It is a great online bookmarking service; although alternatives are available they don’t even come near to delicious in terms of usability and features.

Even if in near future they decide to shut shop you can very easily export your bookmarks – whether you have 10 bookmarks or 1000 bookmarks – and use an alternative service. There is a comprehensive list of delicious alternatives on this link: