HOW to get Traffic from delicious?

i dont know how to get traffic from Delicous popel get more traffic from them

Delicous is a social bookmarking site. are you not generate direct traffic through Delicous. After creating an account you will to try increase social chain.

I’m actually not familiar with delicious. What kind of a bookmarking site is it?

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You can just use delicious a social bookmarking site so you can paste links on this regarding to what website or blog site that you own that you want to publicized, more example about this is reddit, stumbleupon. By using these, you can attract several traffic on this for your SEO needs. Hope this helps!

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Delicious is only a social bookmarking sites where you can bookmark your all web pages, blogs, articles and get traffic from there links only.

thanks sir

Our store uses various different social bookmarking sites to drive traffic. Out of all the ones we’ve used, we haven’t had any traffic from Delicious. We found that Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Blogger, WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter are the best drivers of traffic.

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Delicious is one of the best social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking is one of the important SEO techniques. You can bookmark you all pages or posts in Delicious. Share your contents and increase your activities on Delicious. You will get enough traffic from here.

No, it isn’t.

Links which you can place yourself are regarded as pretty much worthless by search engines. Creating links with the intention of manipulating search results is a violation of their guidelines, which may lead to your site being penalised. Google specifically lists “Low-quality directory or bookmark site links” as unnatural links which violate their guidelines. (See

Reputable sites will follow Google’s guidelines and mark user-submitted links nofollow, rendering them useless for SEO.

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Create an account on delicious and post your own social bookmarks.

Hi, Technobear, I agree with you. Social bookmarking is an SEO technique but not very much effective for search engine ranking. Thanks for sharing.

You seem to be disagreeing with me. I was explaining that social bookmarking is not an SEO activity.

Delicious website is now closed, it’s beeing owned by pinboard, and now it is accessible only in read mode.

In light of that news, there seems little point in continuing the discussion.

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