December Photo Challenge: Holiday decorations

Crappy cell pictures, but these were taken at a local park last weekend where they do lights for the community.

My Xmas wish list: A camera that will take pictures twice as ‘crappy’ as yours. Looks like they turned out great!

Dissapointed with the first two as they were “bright” in RAW but went very “flat” when saved to jpg ( reprocessed the first image and it is slightly better).

We only have the tree and a couple of other lights these days - years ago we used to have all sorts of decorations on the ceilings etc.

[FONT=Verdana]Not on the same scale as cpradio’s homemade tree, this is the star I tatted some years ago for the top of ours:


here’s a few from Senja

some rural houses

House in a nearby village

the nature dressed up for Christmas, illuminating the landscape in the polar night of december 24th

Some very good and interesting pictures here. I’ve voted for my favourite(s)

#23 and #25 are very beautyful. like that.

So sorry I missed these originally @Crazybanana ;. Added to the poll now and the poll will remain open for an extra 4 days to compensate.

I love entry #28. Its very simple yet I can feel the spirit of Christmas just by looking at those christmas lights. :slight_smile:

Actually that entry was from #25. I forgot to removed the attachment in my quote. Please feel free to cast your vote for #25 if you haven’t already voted in our poll! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Rubble, you have done it again! Congrats on winning the December photo challenge. @HAWK ; another book for Rubble! :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Way to GO!!

A great pity, December has passed, and I did not see these pictures!Do not know in December next year, will have new creative?

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