Has anyone here used the new DDR4 RAM? Does it live up to all the hype?

It’ll be awhile before I do a rebuild that would incorporate new RAM, as I’d need a new mobo I assume.

That said, the way I understand it, the biggest draw really is the decrease in power consumed by DDR4 RAM, which in turn allows for less heat generation. I think it was something like 20% less power used. So not massive changes, but some.

In a sense, I’m not sure it matters, as once a new ‘standard’ has appeared on the market, the factories will all be geared up to producing it, and the old standard will be heading the way of the dodo. The only question is when you decide to move forward onto DDR4 because you need that upgrade.

I just hope it’s faster…it looked like the base quality ddr4 ran at a much higher MHz…

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