good morning,
please i have no knowledge about data base mangement, but have html and css, please what do i have to learn so has to manage product feeds from affiliates site.
really keen on learning thanks

Well, we must start somewhere:

SQL Tutorial


I learned from the docs bundled with my mysql installation, really stuck in my head - though I did read each line carefully.

please wats docs bundle

That is a very good question, it has been so long ago that I have to just point you to the mysql documentation site.

Here is the html version MySQL :: MySQL 5.1 Reference Manual

but you might be as well downloading the .chm help file locally in your own language: MySQL :: MySQL Documentation: MySQL Reference Manuals

Section 3 of the manual is a basic tutorial - but it does not have the exact degree of complexity that I remember.

Once you have worked through the examples in the manual, if you have any further questions you can ask here, or, ask in the dedicated sitepoint **mysql forum.

(**I am supposing that you are using mysql for your first attempts as using sql)

Once you have grasped the basics of how sql works and the basic terminology used you will be able to ask more focussed questions.

The basic principle with using the LAMP stack is that you make sure that your sql statements do what you expect, return the data you expect and then get PHP to interact with mysql on your behalf so that data is returned to your webpage matching your expectations.

The line between PHP and Mysql tends to get blurry when you are just starting out - so it is important to clearly separate them in your mind.

Off Topic:

Paste a url and it looks up the page title - crikey that is new and clever, like that a lot!

i don’t see any chm files on that page

i have one but it’s 5.0.3 alpha from 2005

i’ve never seen a later one anywhere, so if you can find one, please do let me know


oops, apologies - it will have to be webpages or pdf file then, sorry about that.

My chm file is 5.0.68 from 2008 - you are welcome to that if you want.