Database Website

I am new to database, is it better to use your web host sever for PHP and MySQl, or your own computer and download it.

Hi Patricem. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean by ‘or your own computer and download it’, but if this is a site for people to view on the web, the database and PHP need to be on the web. That means they need to be hosted by your web host, which normally is a service you pay for, though you can do it from your own computer, but that requires some knowhow and is not very common.

Do you mean a local web server on your pc? If so, one to look at is xampp.

Thanks for your replys, I will explain in details. A friend of mine just started a Booking and tax business, and since he knows I build web site he asked me to build a website so his clients can have access to there information. So I purchase Build your own Data driven website from Sitepoint. But as i am reading the pdf I am not sure if must use my webhosting account to start building it or use my pc.

Development you will generally do an a development environment (such as your own PC), and once the site’s finished, you upload it to your (or even better, his) webhosting account.

Thank you Immerse