Developing my first mysql & php cms from scratch

Hi, I’m looking for some guidance at the very start of putting a website together using php & mysql.

The story is that I have worked on sites that use both, but have never started one off and I’m quite excited about it.

What I intend to do is open up a account with a random host and add 1 mysql database to it, and use that as my development area.

So that bit is fine, but what Im unsure about is that when I come to offer this CMS to a client can I simply save that database and take that and the code with me onto my clients server and open it all up there.

The webpages arent a problem obviously, so what I want to know is can I take a copy of the database, and open it up in another hosting account with mysql database set up.

Its probably the easiest question on here this, but it was just on my mind, and if anybody can offer any more tips that would be great.


yes, you can

the mysqldump utility works by generating your database structure into a series of CREATE TABLE statements along with INSERT statements

you simply run this file into your client’s server and vwalah


Fantastic, thank you for the quick reply.

I’m looking forward to this and will more than likely be back.


Hi, one more question on the same subject.

Ive found a hosting account and they offer 1 MySQL database with the account, and it seems you have the choice of Windows or Linux.

I’m more comfortable with Windows, and so wondered is it OK to use Windows rather than a Linux server, or do I have to stick with Linux?


i don’t think it will matter much

you won’t get to play on their server no matter which operating system it is


Are the Windows and Linux packages the same cost, many times Windows cost more because of having to cover the license while Linux does not need a license? On Linux, all your PHP will be case sensitive, so will the MySQL files; however you won’t get to touch those like r937 says.

You don’t necessarity have to use a hosting package for development, you can install PHP, MySQL and Apache on a local development machine, either as seperate installs or by using WAMP (XAMP for Linux). You can also get a “version” of wamp/xamp which will run from a usb memory stick.

You may well still want a hosting package when your showing stuff to clients but whilst your still developing your cms, before you reach the point where you want to show your cms to clients, just using a local development server will be cheaper.

In any case, always remember that not every server will be configured the same, some may allow you to do some stuff whilst others want or some may have an extension or module installed whilst another might not.