Database Rule

Is there any rule that we can’t edit table column name in Capital Letter ?
Becouse when I use in Capital it was not working but as I changed in lowercase it work properly.

Depends on the DBMS. If you’re running mySQL on a unix/linux box, then table names can be case sensitive because those table names are used to store onto the file system.

I understood “UPPERCASE” Not allowed.

If that’s what you understood, why did you try it?

I don’t known about it very first but as @DaveMaxwell provided the link when I reads some lines and I got upper case sensitive and it not allowed.

He’s not saying it’s not allowed. What he is saying is A and a are not the same thing; same with every other letter.

Read his provided link.

They ARE allowed, but what that links says is that with mySQL running on a unix/linux box, unless the lower_case_table_name system variable is set, that the table names are case sensitive.

So if that variable is not set (which is the default), you COULD have a table named alpha AND a table named Alpha (and tables named AlphA and ALPHA) - not that it’s a good idea (in fact it’s a TERRIBLE idea), but you could because they’re stored in the file system separately…

But if lower_case_table_name is set, then you could not have the example I gave above because the DBMS automatically converts the tablename to lower case before doing anything with it.


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