Data moving with usb

I have two computers.
I installed Xubuntu, apache2, php, and phpMyAdmin by following and to both the computers.

Both computers works well now.
and the data in both computers are same at the moment.

I made a database ‘test’, and a table t1 with 2 columns ie. “id” and “name” in my computer A as a sample.
I insert 2 data as a sample like the following.

It still works fine.

Now the 2 computers are slightly different.

In computer A, there is the database "test’.
And there is no the database “test” in the computer B.

I like to copy the database “test” with its table “t1” and the 2 records from the computer A And paste it to the computer B.
As the result, I want the computer B is as same as the computer A.

Can I do it with a usb by your help?

After I study with several youtube movies and web pages on this, I got it myself.

The solution is actually simple.
I did hard work for some days because the environment is different and some careless.

Thank you.