Copying a database in USB and pastring the database to mysql data of the server

I have two servers, the old one PHP5, the new one PHP7.
Each server has phpmyadmin each.

there is a database in old server name “move”.
The database “move” has 2 tables, the one is table1 and the other is table2.
Each table has 2 columns each and 2 records each.

I like to move the database “move” with its 2 tables and their data. from the old server to the new server.
I found the directory “move” at APM_Setup - Server - MySQL5 - data - “move” of the old server.

I copied the directory “move” by using a USB.

The USB which has the directory “move” is now inserted into the new server.

The directory “move” in the USB has 7 files.
They are "db.opt, table1.frm, table1.MYD, table1.MYI, table2.frm, table2.MYD, and table2.MYI,

I like to make the database “move” in the new server by copying the directory “move” in the USB which is now inserted to the new server and pasting somewhere in the new server.

But I don’t know where is the destination for pasting.

Is it possible with your help?

Unless I’m misunderstanding something, you can just export the data from server 1, then import it to server 2. No need to copy anything via USB.

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