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I would like to convert two items on a site and think it can be done with some additional css. I would appreciate any help doing so. The site is The site uses a theme. I don’t necessarily want to check any of the original theme code. The first item is the button in the green cta (call to action) section. Presently it is a “theme-primary-outline” button. I would like it to be just like the button at the top of the page that reads “contact us” That button is a “theme-secondary-outline” button. How do I change the type or just have the css mimic the top button?

The second item is the Font Awesome icon that is presently a bicycle in the contact section. The theme developers have not included the brand icons now available from Font Awesome. I believe the code will be changed from to I can make it work temporarily using a browser inspecting tool but how do I make the change using code until the theme is updated or replaced?

Thank you for any help.

@Don1 for the first (button) change the class on the CTA button from:

btn btn-lg btn-theme-primary-outline


btn btn-lg btn-secondary-outline

For you second change! I am not sure what you mean? Is the Join Us supposed to be for Twitter?

Edit: Oh I see it is for Strava. What other FA icon should there be?

The bicycle is supposed to be the Strava icon. I plugged the bike in just as a place holder.

Can I change the btn class with additional css or do I change it in the theme’s css?

Ha ok. so later you can change that one

You shouldn’t change it in the CSS unless you’re sure it won’t effect any other buttons in your website. Just go to the template and change

<a href="" class="btn btn-lg btn-theme-primary-outline">Read More</a>


<a href="" class="btn btn-lg btn-secondary-outline">Read More</a>

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