Custom Web service for php application

I think ive talked about this b4 but since i cant pass database information in the url what other options am i looking at

What i have in mind is this

User has 2 files
1 index page,dbconnect.php

the index.php send a request some how to my server at and displays the information from the user database only thing is how can my php files at read database information from another host eg or somthing like this?

Does anyone have any ideas?


You’re right, we did.

The passing of database connection details via the url was never required. :confused:

so if i was going down this path

would i need to use the $_Get[‘cmd’]==“watever” then the functions with that get called would i need to relace it with anything and anything with in the $_GET[‘cmd’]==“watever” {echo “watever”; //rest of php code} with the above service.php code?